Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A night at Bookies

So there must be a relationship between sunshine and how many people show on at Bookies!!!! We filled up that entire place pretty quick, I’m sure that they appreciated us moving all the tables around. If you notice that I’m missing some of the new faces that are running with the group, drop me a note so I can add them.

The weather has got to get better, so I would imagine that we’ll be having hundreds of people running on Tuesday evenings!

Here is the list of Sunshine Runners:

1. Chris Tupper

2. Jen Waters

3. Libbie Rutherford

4. Reagan Rutherford

5. Stephanie Kern

6. Ashley Floyd

7. Rudy Lauerman

8. Matt Sikora

9. Doug Howell

10. John Scott

11. Richard Shackelford

12. Ken Davenport

13. Sandy Freund

14. Dennis Handley

15. Usain Bolt

16. Jim Fitch Jr.

17. Richard Brown

18. Lynn Diemer

19. Ed Muirhead

20. Stephanie Stieb

21. Mary Wallace

22. Pete Sisca

23. Sean Paraventi

24. Jim Vigeant

25. Jim Erlandson

26. Brittany Galisdorfer

27. Brian Fody

28. Lance Lange

29. Dave Dysert

30. Mark Shehan

31. Mary Berry

32. Jeannie Bocci

33. Jerry Bocci

34. Doug Kurtis

35. Chris Brooks

36. Nancy Marcotte

37. Anna Weisbrodt

38. Mary O’Brien

Lastly, Sandy Freund would like to thank all of you that have donated shoes for her track team.