Friday, June 08, 2007

Picnic Fever

Can you feel the excitement of the upcoming picnic? Are you having problems getting to sleep thinking about all of the fun you’re going to have? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you really have problems! Did you get your name on the VIP list?
Here’s the latest Richard Brown update:
His surgery was this past Monday and they were going to treat it as an outpatient surgery. I’m sure that Richard would appreciate all of our thoughts and prayers. If you want to drop him a note, his home address is:

Richard B. Brown 20055 Forestwood Southfield, MI 48076
They're putting a piece of bone from his pelvis into his jaw and unfortunately the pelvis part of the surgery is going to keep him away from tennis and running all summer.
Word has finally gotten out about how competitive the Tuesday evening runs are becoming. We had the pleasure of a reporter and photographer from the Detroit News this past Tuesday. The article was initially intended to showcase my running prowess but I wanted to deflect the attention to the club! So be on the look out for that.
Here’s the list of individuals trying to make the 2008 Olympics:
Eric Lacy
John Scott
Nick Sousanis
Matt Siroka
Erin Graham
Libbie Rutherford
Nate (Libbie’s friend)
Chris Rutherford
Nate Van Noord
Nicole’s Boyfriend
Jim Erlandson
Dale Monteith
Shirley Monteith
Betty Neil
Debbie Snyder
Julie Hamilton
Martha Hach
Flip Saunders
Ken Davenport
Mark Shehan
Lance Lange
Ralph Judd
Dave Dysert
Marlene Dysert
Karin Abel
Jane Westley
Mary Berry
Jim Fitch Sr.
Jim Fitch Jr.
Colette Mezza
Jeannie Bocci
Jerry Bocci
Stephanie Steib
Brian Jackson
Gary Godula
Lynn Diemer
Gary Faria
Patty Mallon
Rudy Lauerman
Tom Gromak
Larry Wojcik


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