Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Out to the Burbs

Was it just me or did any of you hear the parking meters yelling ‘feed me’? I felt like I was playing a slot machine, feeding one quarter after another! Did anyone else get a parking ticket other than Nate Goebel?
It was a glorious evening for running through Royal Oak, Huntington Woods and even Oak Park if you made a wrong turn. I apologize to anyone that wasn’t able to start with the group but I was in a hurry to get back to my beer! Thanks to Julie Hamilton for the route and supplying the maps. Those multi-colored maps really help confuse me!
Once again we were inundated with new runners that seem to bring the average age of the group substantially lower. Where are all of the ‘old farts’?
The votes are still coming in for a substitute for Vivio’s on July 3rd and the front-runner as of today is Atwater Brewery. I think the attraction of the newly opened Riverwalk is steering individuals that way. Remember voting is a privilege and not a right, also only you can prevent forest fires. So if you haven’t voted, please send in your recommendation.

Here’s a note that I received from Richard Brown:

Dear Runners/Walkers,

First of all, a million thanks for the beautiful live & beautiful flowers that you sent while I was in the hospital for jaw surgery. Those flowers are still alive more than two weeks later. Special thanks to Julie Hamilton who took special effort to note what hospital I was going to.

Second, I expect to be at Z's Villa on Jun 26th to walk with the walkers.

Also, thanks for the several cards that were sent. They help me to heal faster!!


Okay if you weren’t in attendance last night, here are all of the folks that made fun of you. (some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent):

Nate Goebel
Libbie Rutherford
Amelia Letvin
Kathy Brennan
Susanna Brennan
Chris Tupper
Sam Alexis Woods
Ken Davenport
Mark Shehan
Dave Dysert
Marlene Dysert
Mark Kenney
Eric Lacy
Bob Loew
Beth Adams
Tim Emmett
Matt Sikora
Lance Lange
Stephanie Steib
Katie Singer
Karin Abel
Ralph Judd
Jean Andruski
Mary Berry
Dale Monteith
Shirley Monteith
Jim Erlandson
Tina Erlandson
Martha Hach
Julie Hamilton
Colette Mezza
Doug Howell
Colette’s Niece & Baby
Brian Jackson
Tom Gromak
Jonathon (Tom’s friend)
Sean Paraventi
Nicole Adamson
Erin Graham


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