Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Speedy Gonzales

Okay, can someone tell me when we became a running club? When did Tuesday’s become ‘speed workouts’? Why was the first mile split 7:54 for the last group of runners? When did the average age of our group start going down? Lastly, why am I considered one of the old guys?
These are just a few of the alarming questions that have come to my mind. I can remember the good old days when we would frolic through the streets of Detroit and talk. Now we’re busting butt to try and run negative splits. I’m sure that all of these are good things, so let’s keep up the good work.
Here’s another reminder that our spring picnic will take place on June 12th at Windmill Point Park.

John Scott announces his retirement from the NBA. That’s right, John Scott will become a man of leisure in the next few weeks. Now he’ll be able to run two hundred miles a week!

Where are they now? Has anyone seen or heard from David and Rebecca Clifton?

Here are the people that embraced the heat on Tuesday from Honest Johns:

Nathan Van Noord
Libbie Rutherford
Chris Rutherford
Sarah Madej
Mike Sher
Nicole’s Boyfriend
John Scott
Dave Dysert
Mark Shehan
Burke Jenkins
Ken Davenport
Joe Urbiel
Colette Mezza
Richard Shackleford
Gary Faria
Dale Monteith
Karin Abel
Renee Greisbeck
Nick Sousanis
Mary Berry
Jane Westley
Jim Fitch Jr.
Jim Erlandson
Matt Sikora
Jean Andruski
Rick Robinson
Doug Kurtis
Curtis Granderson
Chris Brooks
Katie Singer
Brian Jackson
Lance Lange
Stephanie Steib
Rick Soltesz

Ken Davenport


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