Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Post Picnic Participants

What a great spring picnic! The weather cooperated and there was a slight breeze coming off the lake keeping the bug away. It appears that everyone enjoyed the run and the conversations were flowing back and forth. The volleyball games weren’t Olympic caliber but they were competitive. The food was excellent, thanks to Chef Doug! Thanks goes out to the Boccis for doing all of the preliminary legwork and subsequent clean-up and everything else that they did. I think that the picnic was such a great success that everyone that worked on it should remain on the committee indefinitely! I’m also going to suggest that the day of the picnic become a local holiday so everyone can have the day off and spend more time at the park. Does anyone have Kwami’s home address?
I was having so much fun that I neglected to take one single picture from the picnic. So if anyone has any photos feel free to send me a few for posting on the website.
Martha Hach informed me that Richard Brown’s jaw surgery was successful and that he really appreciated the flowers from the group. I can honestly say that I am truly grateful for knowing such a good group of people.
If any of the following individuals did not have a good time at the picnic, please forward me a note and we’ll make whatever corrections are necessary:

1. Doug Howell
2. Colette Mezza
3. Martha Hach
4. Jeannie Bocci
5. Jerry Bocci
6. Becka Clifton
7. Dave Clifton
8. Libbie Rutherford
9. Justin Verlander
10. Sandy Freund
11. Ken Davenport
12. Ralph Judd
13. Jill Van Buskirk
14. Dale Monteith
15. Shirley Monteith
16. Mark Shehan
17. Katie Singer
18. Lance Lange
19. Dave Dysert
20. Marlene Dysert
21. Doug Kurtis
22. Sarah Madej
23. Matt Sikora
24. Erin Graham
25. John Scott
26. Karin Abel
27. Jean Andruski
28. Renee Greisbeck
29. Mary Berry
30. Brad Behrman
31. Jim Fitch Jr.
32. Mary Ericson
33. Jim Erlandson
34. Tina Erlandson
35. Lynn Diemer
36. Sue Smith
37. John Gialanella
38. Julie Hamilton
39. Rick Robinson
40. Cathy Dean
41. Brian Jackson
42. Gary Godula
43. Sean Paraventi
44. Jane Westley
45. Debbie Snyder
46. Betty Neil
47. Richard Shackleford
48. Larry Wojcik
49. Kathy Pare
50. Liz Rohan
51. Kathy Moss
52. Sara Figueroa
53. Tom Flanagan
54. Jeff Clarke
55. Mary Schwarz
56. Nate Van Noord
57. Nicole Adamson
58. Lodewijk van Holsbeeck
59. Beth Adams
60. Bob Loew


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