Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wednesday's Why

Totally off the subject of running but can someone tell me why they package CDs so no adult can open them????

That's right, I'm old school and still buying the entire CD.

I finally got those crappy runs out of the way and now I'm back to my normal 'bad' runs!

Is it just me or does the amount of physical exertion that you expend throughout the day affect your sleeping?

I was only able to run two miles in the morning and because of work I wasn't able to do any exercise for the remainder of the day. I had the hardest time getting to sleep that night and I can only attribute it to not doing as much exercise as I normally do.

Yesterday I had a Three-a-Day, doing boot-camp in the morning, spinning at lunch and running after work. I slept like a baby and could barely get up when the alarm sounded.

Just asking..............