Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A night at Bookies

So there must be a relationship between sunshine and how many people show on at Bookies!!!! We filled up that entire place pretty quick, I’m sure that they appreciated us moving all the tables around. If you notice that I’m missing some of the new faces that are running with the group, drop me a note so I can add them.

The weather has got to get better, so I would imagine that we’ll be having hundreds of people running on Tuesday evenings!

Here is the list of Sunshine Runners:

1. Chris Tupper

2. Jen Waters

3. Libbie Rutherford

4. Reagan Rutherford

5. Stephanie Kern

6. Ashley Floyd

7. Rudy Lauerman

8. Matt Sikora

9. Doug Howell

10. John Scott

11. Richard Shackelford

12. Ken Davenport

13. Sandy Freund

14. Dennis Handley

15. Usain Bolt

16. Jim Fitch Jr.

17. Richard Brown

18. Lynn Diemer

19. Ed Muirhead

20. Stephanie Stieb

21. Mary Wallace

22. Pete Sisca

23. Sean Paraventi

24. Jim Vigeant

25. Jim Erlandson

26. Brittany Galisdorfer

27. Brian Fody

28. Lance Lange

29. Dave Dysert

30. Mark Shehan

31. Mary Berry

32. Jeannie Bocci

33. Jerry Bocci

34. Doug Kurtis

35. Chris Brooks

36. Nancy Marcotte

37. Anna Weisbrodt

38. Mary O’Brien

Lastly, Sandy Freund would like to thank all of you that have donated shoes for her track team.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wednesday's Why

Totally off the subject of running but can someone tell me why they package CDs so no adult can open them????

That's right, I'm old school and still buying the entire CD.

I finally got those crappy runs out of the way and now I'm back to my normal 'bad' runs!

Is it just me or does the amount of physical exertion that you expend throughout the day affect your sleeping?

I was only able to run two miles in the morning and because of work I wasn't able to do any exercise for the remainder of the day. I had the hardest time getting to sleep that night and I can only attribute it to not doing as much exercise as I normally do.

Yesterday I had a Three-a-Day, doing boot-camp in the morning, spinning at lunch and running after work. I slept like a baby and could barely get up when the alarm sounded.

Just asking..............

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hot and Spicy

Talk about doing something stupid, well it was so hot and humid last night that running/walking should have been the last thing on any sane person’s mind! It was so hot that even the rain was warm. But did that stop us from doing our thang?
Running from Vivio’s was a blessing in the fact that Elmwood cemetery was a good water station for everyone. In fact it was so good of a spot that several DTRW were seen lounging under trees enjoying adult beverages while others were sweating to the oldies.
Did you know that Jeannie and Jerry Bocci volunteered to be judges for the 2007 AAU Junior Olympic Games in Knoxville, Tennessee? They spent ten days of their own time to help out this worthy cause, congrats to you both.
I received this next bit of information from Becka Clifton: Not sure how many of you are aware of this great organization helping keep our City streets clean. If you see them out there working, thank them for the hard work to make our City great! .Clean Downtown is an innovative new partnership created to maintain the downtown Detroit environment to the new standard set by SuperBowl XL. The project puts uniformed cleanup crews on downtown streets seven days a week to sweep and power-wash sidewalks, clear trash and remove graffiti, and assist with other beautification projects. This unique and privately-funded program is staffed by workers from Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit who are bringing pride and enthusiasm to their new jobs of keeping downtown Detroit looking its best.
If you were unable to attend the run/walk from Vivio’s you missed an entertaining slideshow of the Great Lakes Relay. I almost felt like I was there! Thanks to Mark Shehan and his crew for such an entertaining show. If any one else would like to bring pictures form their vacations, Kid’s birthday parties or even old Christmas photos fell free!
Our shoe/T-shirt collection program is still going strong. I know that a few of you have shoes to donate. Just bring the slightly used (washed) shoe/T-shirts to any Tuesday run/walk.
If you haven’t signed up for the summer picnic on August 21st, please do so. We would like to have a good idea of how much stuff to purchase for the picnic. Just drop a note to Karin Abel at or myself to say you’re attending. Remember the cost for attending is $7.00, which is well worth the price.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Downtown Berkley

How did everyone enjoy running/walking the streets of Berkley? I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be there, but I needed to finish another chapter of the latest Harry Potter book! Did we find another gem to add to our list of places, or was it a bust?

I understand that everyone was running from memory and I apologize for not having maps on hand. That will never happen again, at least this week. If you’re interested in hoe far the route was, Chris Walters sent me this link:

I’m also sorry if any of you brought old shoes for our collection last night. Please bring them again and I will take them off your hands. The people at St. Al’s really appreciated the donation, their supply was getting really low.

I’m not sure how many stories were told about the Great Lakes Relay but congratulation to the club members that participated in this grueling event. According to Mark Shehan, their team finished 12th out of 42 teams and the team with the Jim and Jim Fitch Sr. finished 8th! Boy I miss doing the relay, NOT!!!!

For all of you that have an opening on your social calendar for Saturday evening, here’s a note from the Northville crew:

The Northville Road Runners will be hosting the annual "Roadrunner Classic" 8k race at Maybury State Park this Saturday (July 28) at 5:30 pm. The course includes dirt and paved trails. There is also a 1 mile run/walk at 5:00 pm. Besides the running there will be a live band (Benny and the Jet), pizza, beer, kids activities and awards. See flyer at:

Lastly, Sandy Freund and I would like to thank everyone that helped us raise over $3100 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the WAM 300-mile bike ride. As we’re enjoying scenic Michigan via a bike seat, we’ll be thinking of the generous individuals that helped us along the way.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Atwater Once Again

Well for an impromptu venue, the Atwater did leave something to be desired! As some of you long-time DTRWers know, we’ve tried to give the restaurants in that area out business for quite some time. However, this time we knew what to expect in terms of service! Although there was a minimum of staff in the entire place to serve our huge group, the minimal price on drinks made up for the lengthy wait in some cases!
The route that Tom Gromak laid out was a hit to everyone. There was a stretch on Atwater that still needs improvements but once you get to the new Riverwalk you forget about it. Some of the over-achievers in the group even continued on the Riverwalk towards Belle Isle for a little more mileage.
I want to send out a DTRW ‘We’re sorry’ to Ellie. Ellie was making her first appearance with the group and things didn’t go very well for her. Ellie twisted her ankle on Atwater, even before we got to the river and wasn’t able to run as well as normal. Then upon returning to the Atwater she was part of a small fender bender.
A big welcome back to the group for some of the members that have been away for quite some time, you know who you are. Did you notice those Great Lakes Relay people off the side and wanting to be alone? We’ll hear some stories from them in a few weeks.
Okay, time for roll call:

1. Janet Howard-Hunnius
2. John Hunnius
3. Karen Duncanson
4. Georgia Brooks
5. Chris Brooks
6. Bart Cavasin
7. Eileen Farrell
8. Mary Urban
9. Sue Smith
10. Lyn Diemer
11. Kathy Brennan
12. Susanna Brennan
13. Amelia Letvin
14. Tom Artushin
15. Nate Goebel
16. Libbie Rutherford
17. Chris Rutherford
18. Jim ‘Papa’ Vigeant
19. Jim Fitch Sr.
20. Jim Fitch Jr.
21. Erin Graham
22. Ron Thielman
23. Nate Van Noord
24. Jonathan
25. Tom Gromak
26. Serena Williams
27. Tina Erlandson
28. Jim Erlandson
29. Sean Paraventi
30. Richard Shackelford
31. Cathy Dean
32. Rick Robinson
33. Nick Sousanis
34. Brian Jackson
35. Jean Andruski
36. Karin Abel
37. Renee Greisbeck
38. Dale Monteith
39. Shirley Monteith
40. Ken Davenport
41. Sandy Freund
42. Katie Singer
43. Mark Shehan
44. Lance Lange
45. Marlene Dysert
46. Dave Dysert
47. Mary Berry
48. Ralph Judd
49. Matt Sikora
50. Ellie
51. Karen from Canada

I’m sure that I missed a few people that I didn’t get their names.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Out to the Burbs

Was it just me or did any of you hear the parking meters yelling ‘feed me’? I felt like I was playing a slot machine, feeding one quarter after another! Did anyone else get a parking ticket other than Nate Goebel?
It was a glorious evening for running through Royal Oak, Huntington Woods and even Oak Park if you made a wrong turn. I apologize to anyone that wasn’t able to start with the group but I was in a hurry to get back to my beer! Thanks to Julie Hamilton for the route and supplying the maps. Those multi-colored maps really help confuse me!
Once again we were inundated with new runners that seem to bring the average age of the group substantially lower. Where are all of the ‘old farts’?
The votes are still coming in for a substitute for Vivio’s on July 3rd and the front-runner as of today is Atwater Brewery. I think the attraction of the newly opened Riverwalk is steering individuals that way. Remember voting is a privilege and not a right, also only you can prevent forest fires. So if you haven’t voted, please send in your recommendation.

Here’s a note that I received from Richard Brown:

Dear Runners/Walkers,

First of all, a million thanks for the beautiful live & beautiful flowers that you sent while I was in the hospital for jaw surgery. Those flowers are still alive more than two weeks later. Special thanks to Julie Hamilton who took special effort to note what hospital I was going to.

Second, I expect to be at Z's Villa on Jun 26th to walk with the walkers.

Also, thanks for the several cards that were sent. They help me to heal faster!!


Okay if you weren’t in attendance last night, here are all of the folks that made fun of you. (some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent):

Nate Goebel
Libbie Rutherford
Amelia Letvin
Kathy Brennan
Susanna Brennan
Chris Tupper
Sam Alexis Woods
Ken Davenport
Mark Shehan
Dave Dysert
Marlene Dysert
Mark Kenney
Eric Lacy
Bob Loew
Beth Adams
Tim Emmett
Matt Sikora
Lance Lange
Stephanie Steib
Katie Singer
Karin Abel
Ralph Judd
Jean Andruski
Mary Berry
Dale Monteith
Shirley Monteith
Jim Erlandson
Tina Erlandson
Martha Hach
Julie Hamilton
Colette Mezza
Doug Howell
Colette’s Niece & Baby
Brian Jackson
Tom Gromak
Jonathon (Tom’s friend)
Sean Paraventi
Nicole Adamson
Erin Graham

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Post Picnic Participants

What a great spring picnic! The weather cooperated and there was a slight breeze coming off the lake keeping the bug away. It appears that everyone enjoyed the run and the conversations were flowing back and forth. The volleyball games weren’t Olympic caliber but they were competitive. The food was excellent, thanks to Chef Doug! Thanks goes out to the Boccis for doing all of the preliminary legwork and subsequent clean-up and everything else that they did. I think that the picnic was such a great success that everyone that worked on it should remain on the committee indefinitely! I’m also going to suggest that the day of the picnic become a local holiday so everyone can have the day off and spend more time at the park. Does anyone have Kwami’s home address?
I was having so much fun that I neglected to take one single picture from the picnic. So if anyone has any photos feel free to send me a few for posting on the website.
Martha Hach informed me that Richard Brown’s jaw surgery was successful and that he really appreciated the flowers from the group. I can honestly say that I am truly grateful for knowing such a good group of people.
If any of the following individuals did not have a good time at the picnic, please forward me a note and we’ll make whatever corrections are necessary:

1. Doug Howell
2. Colette Mezza
3. Martha Hach
4. Jeannie Bocci
5. Jerry Bocci
6. Becka Clifton
7. Dave Clifton
8. Libbie Rutherford
9. Justin Verlander
10. Sandy Freund
11. Ken Davenport
12. Ralph Judd
13. Jill Van Buskirk
14. Dale Monteith
15. Shirley Monteith
16. Mark Shehan
17. Katie Singer
18. Lance Lange
19. Dave Dysert
20. Marlene Dysert
21. Doug Kurtis
22. Sarah Madej
23. Matt Sikora
24. Erin Graham
25. John Scott
26. Karin Abel
27. Jean Andruski
28. Renee Greisbeck
29. Mary Berry
30. Brad Behrman
31. Jim Fitch Jr.
32. Mary Ericson
33. Jim Erlandson
34. Tina Erlandson
35. Lynn Diemer
36. Sue Smith
37. John Gialanella
38. Julie Hamilton
39. Rick Robinson
40. Cathy Dean
41. Brian Jackson
42. Gary Godula
43. Sean Paraventi
44. Jane Westley
45. Debbie Snyder
46. Betty Neil
47. Richard Shackleford
48. Larry Wojcik
49. Kathy Pare
50. Liz Rohan
51. Kathy Moss
52. Sara Figueroa
53. Tom Flanagan
54. Jeff Clarke
55. Mary Schwarz
56. Nate Van Noord
57. Nicole Adamson
58. Lodewijk van Holsbeeck
59. Beth Adams
60. Bob Loew