Monday, May 14, 2007

50 Mile Ultra

Now I know that mowing the lawn on a Saturday morning isn't exciting but I'm able to walk afterwards. Dave Dysert ran and won the inaugral 50 Mile Ultra at the DWD in Indiana on Saturday.Dave finished in 9 hours and 16 or 17 minutes (like it really matters after nine hours)! Check out the elevation changes in the second link below if you, for some reason, think that this is slow.
Second place was 30+ minutes behind him. Third and fourth were around 11 hour’s total times.
Pix, video, details, stories to follow...
Marlene, Lance and Mark supported Dave on the course. Lance ended up running ~ 12 miles with Dave (leg U10, half of leg U11, all of leg U12). Mark ended up running 20 miles with Dave (legs U3, U4, U8, U9 and half of U11). Beautiful/tough run. A lot more elevation changes ( than DWD Hell. Ask Dave about his toes when you see him.


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