Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Volleyball Tuesday

I was really impressed with the athletic abilities of the DTRW group. Since we were outside enjoying the weather, a few of the DTRW decided to challenge a group of college students in a game of volleyball. It wasn’t long before sand and sweat were everywhere. I’m just glad that everyone came away from the game without any injuries. Let’s just say that the Olympic volleyball team doesn’t have to worry about us, although we did win a game.
It was nice to see our Canadian contingency once again out there running/walking in the streets of Detroit. We may have to put more Canadian places on the schedule if this keeps up.
A big welcome goes out to Charisse Stewart on coming out and joining in on the fun. Thanks to Sandy Freund for run/walking with Charisse when she got just a little tired.If you plan on attending the summer picnic you can give your $7 to Karin Abel whenever you see her. This will make for less confusion at the picnic.


Blogger tmt4TNT said...

DTRW sounds awesome! Can I join from Chicago?

Happy running.

2:32 PM  

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