Friday, August 18, 2006

The Other Side of the World

Sorry for being so late with the weekly report of what happened on Tuesday.

It was a nice break to be running on Hine Drive and see others taking advantage of the surrounding and the gorgeous weather.

Now the crappy part! Where the hell did all of that damn traffic come from? OMD! We spent close to 30 minutes on Six Mile Road parked between traffic lights.

Fortunately a lot more people were caught in the same crap, so we didn’t get left behind for the run.

We had the pleasure of running with the Northville Roadrunners, since we were in their neighborhood. Brad Behrman set that up, way to go Brad.

I had forgotten that there were hills on Hines Drive and it showed in my performance. Why don’t I train more on hills?

There were also a few brave should that ran on the cross-country path. I think it was more like a challenge that the males of the club had to take. So not to be outdone, I embarked on the path, only to roll my ankle twenty yards into it. This is further proof that I’m a true urban-dweller.

Back at the Deadwood it was food and beer. Kudos to the wait-staff, they did a great job in keeping up with the orders and ensuring that I always had a beer.

It was a longgggg ride home but well worth it…

Don’t forget, we’re picnicking in Grosse Pointe next Tuesday…..


Blogger tmt4TNT said...

Beer after a that's my kinda workout!

10:32 AM  
Blogger RunnerGirl said...

where are the updates? lol...

Wish I could make the group runs - I have classes on Tuesdays.

5:51 PM  

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