Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh Canada, we really enjoy your beer! It was great going across the river and running along the river path in Windsor. I can actually say that the traffic both ways was almost non-existent. It was interesting that we made our trip to Rock Bottom at the same time last year, right after the Great Lakes Relay. Our team of runners finished fifteenth, out of thirty-seven teams in the mixed division. The stories are always interesting to hear, even if they are embellished a little! We were also graced with the presence of a few Canadian runners/walkers. I think they’re neighbors of Lynn. Rumor has it, that some individuals will push to have Rock Bottom on the schedule twice a year. We’ll have to see how that flies at the planning meeting. Speaking of which, don’t forget August 1st at Vivio’s in the Eastern Market after our run/walk. Not to say it was really super hot last night but Dave Dysert was manning a water station, so thanks for that Dave. Also a big thanks to our waitperson at Rock Bottom, she did an awesome job ensuring that our needs were met.


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