Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Rainy Tuesday at Vivio's

In what turned out to be a slightly cold and damp evening the turnout wasn’t as large as previous weeks. The group ran to Elmwood cemetery, with individual loops around and returned to the warmth of Vivio’s. It was also a night game for the Tigers, so the customer base downstairs was a majority of smokers.
I understand we have a presence at the 5K race on Belle Isle this past Saturday. Rumor has it, that Stephanie Steib placed second overall and first place woman. Way to go Stephanie….
Just as an FYI, several of our group will be traveling to different venues this weekend for races. The two destinations that I’m aware of are Cincinnati’s Flying Pig and the Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis. Good luck guys at those events.
Okay here’s roll call from the night:

Ken Davenport
Sandy Freund
John Scott
Bill Snyder
Jim Erlandson
Chris Brooks
Ron Thielman
Karin Abel
Renee Greisbeck
Jane Westley
Mark Shehan
Lance Lange
Katie Singer
Marlene Dysert
Dave Dysert
Nick Sousanis
Matt Sikora
Dale Monteith
Shirley Monteith
Martha Hach
Julie Hamilton
Ralph Judd
Debbie Snyder
Jeanne Bocci
Rick Fecowicz
Mariya Shchesyuk


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