Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Coach's Corner and Great Weather

Well it was a perfect day for an evening run through downtown Detroit. We actually had an opportunity to partake in food and beverage on the outside patio of Coach’s Corner. Even with the interruption of individuals inquiring about spare change, it was a good evening for the group. I am still amazed by Dave Dysert and his current streak of marathon performances, which I’ll post results for later.
We also had a visitor from New Jersey that was impressed with our little group. She was able to walk the mean streets of Detroit with Mary Berry as her bodyguard, way to go Mary!
For the very first time (and maybe the last time), we’ll be having our Tuesday evening run/walk from someone’s home. That’s right, Rick Robinson will open his door and fridge to the Downtown Runners/Walkers on May 23rd. This will be a mixture of interesting people from musicians, cyclist and of course, runners. Rick says to bring a dish or drink, ONLY if you feel like it. More details to come.
Since we’re on a similar level as the Hanson’s elite running team, we sent teams to a couple of out state events. Now this is why we need to have summer T-shirts, so everyone knows who we are as we collect our trophies! Anyway, here are results from the Indy Mini-Marathon and the Flying Pig Marathon & Half-Marathon:

Indy Mini-Marathon

Jim Erlandson – 2:20:31
Doug Kurtis – 1:21:06
Ann Kurtis – 1:48:11
Janet Hunnius – 2:03:31
John Hunnius – 1:41:28
Jim Vigeant – 1:54:28

Flying Pig Marathon
Dave Dysert - 2:54:28 (34th Overall)

Flying Pig Half-Marathon
Marlene Dysert - 1:51:53
Lance Lange - 1:39:14 (2nd in Clydesdales Division)

Finally, here the individuals that enjoyed a great evening at Coach’s Corner:

Mariya Shchesyuk (Rode her bike)
Carole Adams
Kathi Kucharski
Sherri Van Engelen
Sandy Freund
Ken Davenport
Jeannie Bocci
Jerry Bocci
Gary Faria
Ralph Judd
Doug Kurtis
Dale Monteith
Sue Smith
Jim Erlandson
Bill Snyder
Stephanie Steib
Matt Sikora
Nick Sousanis
Dave Dysert
Marlene Dysert
Mark Shehan
Katie Singer
Lance Lange
Colette Mezza
Doug Howell
Rick Robinson
Julie Hamilton
Mary Berry
Wendy from New Jersey
Dennis Handley


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